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Redhat Certification Training Courses London

Red Hat Linux has been widely used by smaller to larger enterprises. It provides a complete solution for e-commerce, mobile commerce, Internet platform and the organization application platform. It is also very robust and supports full networking capabilities, provide secure network environment from its own firewall system, server clustering features and server virtualization technologies providing a one stop solutions for organizations. The course arms students with in-depth knowledge needed to configure common Red Hat Enterprise Linux network services. You'll learn about the setup and maintenance of many of the most popular network services available for Linux and Unix today including servers for DNS, LDAP, Web (HTTP, HTTPS), FTP, SMB (Windows networking), and email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP). Special attention is paid to the concepts needed to implement these services securely, and to the troubleshooting skills needed for real-world administration of network services.

Course Syllabus

The course will be broken down into three main sections;

RH033 Red Hat Linux Essentials

Unit 1 - Linux Ideas and History
Unit 2 - Linux Usage Basics
Unit 3 - Running Commands and Getting Help
Unit 4 - Browsing the File system
Unit 5 - Users, Groups and Permissions
Unit 6 - Using the bash Shell
Unit 7 - Standard I/O and Pipes
Unit 8 - Text Processing Tools
Unit 9 - vim: An Advanced Text Editor
Unit 10 - Basic System Configuration Tools
Unit 11 - Investigating and Managing Processes
Unit 13 - Finding and Processing Files
Unit 14 - Network Clients
Unit 15 - Advanced Topics in Users, Groups and Permissions
Unit 16 - The Linux File system In-Depth
Unit 17 - Essential System Administration Tools

RH131 Red Hat Linux System Administration

Unit 1 - Package Management
Unit 2 - System Initialization
Unit 3 - Kernel Services
Unit 4 - System Services
Unit 5 - File system Management
Unit 6 - User Administration
Unit 7 - Network Configuration
Unit 8 - Advanced User Administration
Unit 9 - Advanced File system Management
Unit 10 - Installation
Unit 11 - Virtualization with Xen
Unit 12 - Troubleshooting

RH253 Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration

Unit 1: System Performance and Security
Unit 2: System Service Access Controls
Unit 3: Network Resource Access Controls
Unit 4: Organizing Networked Systems
Unit 5: Network File Sharing Services
Unit 6: Web Services
Unit 7: Electronic Mail Services
Unit 8: Securing Data
Unit 9: Account Management