AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

As by the name, it is evident that this course is a fundamental course in which the start will be taken from a very basic level. This course is also designed for those who want to start in AWS and cloud computing. The AWS certified cloud practitioner exam is for those who actively want to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of the AWS Cloud, independent of specific technical roles addressed by other AWS Certifications.



  • Candidates must have at least 6 months of AWS Cloud experience in any capacity, including technical, managerial, sales, purchasing, and financial.
  • Candidates must have a basic understanding of IT services and their applications in the AWS Cloud platform.


What skills are validated by this certification?

  • Describe the AWS Cloud and the fundamental global infrastructure.
  • Discuss the basic architectural principles of AWS Cloud.
  • Define the value proposition of AWS Cloud.
  • Identify important AWS platform services and their widely accepted use cases (for example, compute and analytics)
  • Define the AWS platform’s basic security and compliance features, as well as the shared security model.
  • Establish billing, account management, and pricing models.
  • Determine where to get documentation or technical assistance (for example, whitepapers or support tickets)
  • Describe the fundamental/essential characteristics of deploying and operating in the AWS Cloud.


Who is this course intended for?

  • Those who want to become AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners
  • Those looking for a greater overview of Amazon Web Services.
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