Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect Certification

Cloud Architect professionals’ have adequate knowledge and skill to integrate Google Cloud infrastructure as part of the core IT platform for the company. These professionals possess a comprehensive understanding of the architecture and platform of cloud infrastructure. They have earned the required skill to design, develop, deploy, configure, maintain and monitor scalable and effective solutions to accomplish the needs of the business. This certification validates the capacity of the IT professionals to:

  • Draft a layout for cloud solution architecture.
  • Configure the infrastructure of the cloud solution.
  • Develop an appropriate layout for the compliance and security issues of the IT infrastructure of the company.
  • Inspect both the business and the technical processes of the organization.
  • Deploy the cloud architecture in the IT infrastructure of the organization.
  • Develop stable solutions for the business process.


Professional cloud architecture should know the details about the purposes and functionalities of the cloud architecture. At the same time, he/she must have the required knowledge and experience in developing applications and/or software. 


Prerequisite for this certification

There is no particular prerequisite for this course. Though, it is recommended that the IT professionals looking forward to earning this certification with a minimum of working experience will help them to get the subject matter of this course more smoothly. Google expects every candidate of this course from an application/software development background. 

Such recommendation is not a must for many candidates particularly for those who are familiar with application/software development projects like debugging Python scripts and or similar programming tasks.


A brief about the course

Every candidate of this certification has to sit for a two-hour exam, which consists of multiple-choice question-answers. The exam could be taken either from a remote center or in person. Google does not describe any score point to pass the exam and/or to earn the certificate.

Google wants to measure whether an individual has adequate skill and knowledge to appear for the exam or not. That is why; a minimum passing score is good enough for an individual to pass the exam. The key potential Google is looking forward to through this exam is whether an individual has the potential and competency to earn this certificate.

Levels of the exam

This certification exam has no specific level or modules. All you need to do is sit for the exam and earn a passing score.

Cost of Certification

The fee for this certification exam is £155, which may vary a little with the applicable taxes of the region and/or country.


Validation Period of this Certification

Once you earn this certificate, it will remain valid for two years. After two years, you need to be recertified again. If you failed to pass the exam on the first attempt, you have to wait for two weeks to sit for this exam. Unfortunately, if you miss even the second attempt to pass, you have to wait for two months before appearing for this exam. Currently, this exam is available in two languages, one is in Japanese and another is in English.


Competitive Advantages of Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect Certification

Some key competitive advantages of the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect Certification exam are:

  • This certification validates that you are a good fit for the Cloud-related job role and you are eager to accelerate your career in this path.
  • Compared with other certifications, this one is relatively easy to earn.
  • The subject matter of this certification is based on the simulation of real-life working experience and case studies. Thus, this certification recognizes your capacity to design, develop and deploy an optimum solution for the Cloud Architecture of the organization.
  • With this certification, you can expect to earn better at your workplace.
  • You can join the network of IT professionals who are working on Cloud Architecture, by earning this certification.
  • This certification also recognizes that you have adequate knowledge and skill on the relevant subject matter of Cloud Architecture.
  • This certification will also help employers to reduce the cost of training for professional development.


 Job Opportunities and Salary Structure

Google-certified Cloud Architects are earning around £135,691, per annum and it is considered as one of the highest-paid salaries in 2019. There is a huge demand for Cloud Architect in the IT industry but there is also a shortage of skilled employees in this field. There are ample job opportunities for IT professionals who have already earned Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect Certification.


 What You Will Learn From This Course

 The course content of Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect Certification covers mostly the following topics:

  • Required skills to continue with the job role of a Cloud Architect.
  • Help the IT professionals to get prepared for Professional Cloud Architect Certification.
  • Let you learn about the services and infrastructure provided by the Google Cloud Platform.
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