CDCP® - Certified Data Centre Professional

CDCP is a 2 –day course designed to expose participants to the key components of the data centre. It will address how to setup and improve key aspects such as power, cooling, security, cabling, safety, fire suppression etc. to ensure a hi-available data centre. It will also address key operations and maintenance aspects.

CDCS® - Certified Data Centre Specialist

For individuals who have the need to further specialize, the next level CDCS® focuses on the knowledge and criteria to enable the participant to review and make improvements on existing data centre facilities as well as to review and decide the correct implementation of new data centre facilities. This course includes a variety of engineering level calculations enabling students to verify the correctness of proposed solutions. Calculations address areas such as; battery autonomy time, fire suppression gas, EMF shielding attenuation factors, CFM/CMH etc. This level builds on top of the knowledge acquired in CDCP® hence it is a required to be a certified data centre professionals in good standing in order to follow this course.

CDCE® - Certified Data Centre Expert

Candidates with a desire to become a data centre expert are recommended to take the CDCE® course. CDCE® prepares participants to manage a project which covers scope, plan, design, implement, and retire or move a mission critical data centre up to the highest redundancy level.

CDCE® builds upon knowledge gained in CDCP® and CDCS® courses. Participants who pass the exam will join the industry’s elite data centre project design experts. Participants must possess a valid CDCS® certificate for admission to the CDCE® course.