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Course Overview

MCSE Messaging 2013

MCSE: Messaging is a Microsoft certification which will qualify you at a solution expert level. This certification will validate your ability to move your company to the cloud infrastructure, increase user productivity and flexibility, improve data security, and reduce data loss for your organization. Earning a Microsoft certification in Messaging will qualify you for a position in network and computer systems administration.

Course Syllabus

Deploying and Managing Exchange Server 2013

  • Server 2013 Prerequisites and Requirements
  • Exchange Server 2013 Deployment
  • Managing Exchange Server 2013

Planning and Configuring Mailbox Servers

  • Overview of the Mailbox Server Role
  • Planning the Mailbox Server Deployment
  • Configuring Mailbox Servers

Managing Recipient Objects

  • Managing Exchange Server 2013 Recipients
  • Managing Exchange Recipients
  • Managing Address Lists and Policies on Mailbox Server Role

Planning and Deploying Client Access Servers

  • Planning Client Access Server Deployment
  • Managing Client Access Services

Planning and Configuring Messaging Client Connectivity

  • Client Connectivity to Client Access Server
  • Configuring Outlook Web App
  • Planning and Configuring Mobile Messaging
  • Configuring Secure Internet Access for Client Access Server
  • Configuring Secure Internet Access for Client Access Server

Planning and Configuring Message Transport

  • Overview of Message Transport
  • Planning and Configuring Message Transport
  • Managing Transport Rules

Planning and Implementing High Availability

  •  High Availability on Exchange Server 2013
  • Configuring Highly Available Mailbox Databases
  • Configuring Highly Available Client Access Servers

Planning and Implementing Disaster Recovery

  • Planning for Disaster Mitigation
  • Planning and Implementing Exchange Server 2013 Backup
  • Planning and Implementing Exchange Server 2013 Recovery

Planning and Configuring Message Security Options

  • Planning Messaging Security
  • Implementing an Antivirus Solution for Exchange Server 2013
  • Implementing an Antispam Solution for Exchange Server 2013

Planning and Configuring Administrative Security and Auditing

  • Configuring Role-Based Access Control
  • Configuring Audit Logging

Monitoring and Troubleshooting Exchange Server 2013

  • Monitoring Exchange Server 2013
  • Maintaining Exchange Server 2013
  • Troubleshooting Exchange Server 2013


  • You will get trained to create and control cost-effective, safe and agile server infrastructure.
  • The Desktop Infrastructure that is updated and included in this course educates you the ways to implement flexible, sustainable, reliable and free of friction access to any type of company and corporate resources and services among different platforms and devices.
  • Licensed software for practice at home
  • VAT
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